Keep your funding application simple and straightforward

If you are applying to us for funding, we want to make it easy for you.

Our funding staff are keen to talk to community groups about their ideas, before you even put pen to paper.

Feel free to run your idea past us to see if we can consider funding it.

Talk to people about what is needed in your community and use these ideas to develop a project.

  • Keep it simple – gather feedback in a way that suits you and your community.
  • Include people in developing your plans and keep them involved in the project.
  • You know your project best, so we want you to fill in the form. You don’t need to get an ‘expert’ to fill it in for you.
  • The application forms are short, you just need to tell us about your ideas in your own words.
  • We often call out to see applicants and chat to them as it helps bring your ideas to life on the application form.
  • You only need to send us what is directly relevant to your application. For example, for Awards for All we only need your application form and a recent bank statement.
  • If you are unsure about anything, please get in touch and ask us.

You can phone our office on 028 9055 1455 to talk to a funding officer, or if we are out and about in your local area you can meet up with us for a chat.

Check our Facebook and Twitter feeds to find out when we are in an area near you.

See our website for information on funding available in Northern Ireland.

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