Singing and laughter for wellbeing

Living with a long term health issue can be stressful and isolating. But thanks to National Lottery players, the Western Health and Social Care Trust are helping people to find joy and laughter through their condition.

In this guest blog, they tell us more about it.

The Calm and Care: Holistic Therapy Programme is run from the Macmillan Health and Well Being Campus at Altnagelvin. The project has been using £9,600 of National Lottery funding to support the holistic needs of people living with cancer and other long term conditions.

The project, run from the Macmillan Health and Well Being Campus at Altnagelvin, delivered a range of complementary therapies as well as programmes that use laughter and singing for health and wellbeing.

These sessions helped people relax with fun and laughter, and supported people to cope with the stress and anxiety that often comes with living with a long term condition.

Blog - Guest blog Singtonicity
Singing for wellbeing: These sessions are bringing a smile to people’s faces

Siobhan Heaney, who led the singing for wellbeing sessions, said: “You can’t worry and sing at the same time! People left the sessions feeling vibrant, light and confident and with a smile on their faces. The fun experienced by everyone was infectious.”

One lady who availed of the complementary therapy sessions is 65 years old and lives with multiple long term conditions. She said: “After the session I felt normal again for a while. It was if the sessions reset me to the way I would like to be.”

So far, the project has benefitted over 100 patients and their families. Tara BoyleManager of the Macmillan Health and Well Being Campus, explained how: “The interventions available through the Calm and Care programme are have multiple health benefits for people living with cancer and long term conditions. They’ve helped to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress as well as bringing about an emotional balance. Thanks to National Lottery players, this project has made an immeasurable difference to over 100 people’s lives.”

This project was funded under our National Lottery Awards for All programme, you can find out more about it here.

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