Portaferry Gala Festival Ferry FM – #A4ANI Funded

Guest Blog by Paul Buckle –  Ferry FM

“Ferry FM is a community radio project that was set up in 1995 to cover the Portaferry Town Gala Festival – it broadcasts annually in July and aims to bring the festival to ALL in the community, who for whatever reason, cannot make it to the events in person. Due to our location we also cover Strangford village, a 10 min boat trip across the lough, but a 30 min drive!

The station is a service of rolling events coverage and updates everyone, on the results and winners throughout the week. We cover events live when when can, on the radio, or in recent years, on our Stage Webcam. Our studio was 21 years old this year and the recent rise in high speed broadband worldwide, saw requests for us to cover events online in HD and to stream the station to ex-pats – or Ex Ports, as we like to call them throughout the week.

We decided the best way to do this was refit the entire studio set up, giving us the ability to not only broadcast to listeners, but to work throughout the year on programming we can upload online and then broadcast during the Festival Week.

Everyone is welcome to come in and update the town on their activities throughout the year and groups are welcomed to submit ideas and suggestions for programming. These ideas range from local people who are keen for media experience and would like to produce and present programming, through to following a local pipe band across a year of competitions and fund raising.

We highlight social and tourist activities throughout the week and welcome everyone in the community to pop in and have an on-air chat.

Thanks to our funding award this year, we were able to refit the entire studio set up, with a custom built studio that allows us to do exactly what we aim to do: to open our doors to all and to broadcast events, live,  online and in vision in HD for the first time.

We now have a facilities to record and edit interviews and packages throughout the year, which can all be broadcast not only during the Festival, but accessed all  year on our new website at ferryfm.com.”

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