Muck and More Allotment Association #A4ANI funded

Muck and More is made up of 69 allotment holders who produce low cost good quality food, and promote healthy lifestyles. They received a £10,000 Awards for All grant to provide a mobile building at the allotments in the Muckamore area of Antrim so they can hold more events and activities.

Guest Blog by William Carnath, Chair of the Committee

Jacqui Kirkwood Hamill digs the first sod as we prepare the ground in anticipation of the cabin arriving.
Jacqui Kirkwood Hamill digs the first sod as we prepare the ground in anticipation of the cabin arriving.

In September 2014 the allotments at Greystone, Antrim were allocated. At the outset it was just a huge field which was pegged out by markers allotting each person approximately 100 sq Metres.

We were encouraged to form an Association by Antrim Borough Council, and we held our first AGM in January 2015. We worked hard identifying what our immediate and long term objectives should be.

Our plan is to use this wee bit of space to bring all sorts of people in for a bit of education about this beautiful green earth that we all share.

We would especially like to educate people about how gardening can be so good in so many ways: gentle exercise, results in great food to eat and of course the most important thing is the fun and pleasure derived from being around other like-minded people and the mental well-being that it brings.

It became clear that one of the things we needed fairly urgently was a toilet, a meeting place, somewhere to make a cup of tea, or somewhere to step into for a chat or to simply get in from the rain. We realized a communal area would give us the opportunity for building relationships not only within the group but also in the wider area. Within our group we have various religions, young people and some not so young,men and women and some ethnic minorities.

We came up with the idea of buying a steel cabin with a toilet a small kitchen and a meeting area. We applied for, and were awarded a grant of £10,000 from ‘Awards for All’, to help achieve our objective. We now have our cabin on order and it is being manufactured locally by Donnellys of Toome. We are so excited and we expect our cabin to arrive on site on week beginning 22nd of August. Then we can really work to try and pull the whole community together. We felt that we could bring school classes on site and use our cabin as a teaching area and also bring people into our cabin from neighbouring estates to enhance community relations.

We are very grateful to ‘Awards for All’ for having the faith in our project and helping turn a vision into reality. We know that this project will be a real asset to the whole community in our area.


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