Help us develop our grant making

Paul Sweeney, Chair of our Northern Ireland Committee and UK Board member talks about our plans to develop our grant making in the future and how you can get involved. 

I’m pleased to announce more details on how we will be supporting communities through our grant making in Northern Ireland and across the UK from 2023 to 2030. 

NI Youth Forum

As Chair of the Fund’s NI Committee I am proud of the part we play in supporting local communities across the UK, and in particular the relationship we have with all communities throughout Northern Ireland.  

Thanks to National Lottery players, our grant-holders and partners, we have made a significant difference to people’s lives, including providing support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our local Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector has responded to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic with leadership, resilience and compassion.  

We are proud to have been there to offer support to projects and communities who stepped up to support those most affected by COVID-19 and look forward to working with them as they rebuild and reconnect

We are now thinking about what our grant making portfolio will look like between now and 2030 and we want to ensure communities across Northern Ireland help shape the future of how we invest in communities here and across the UK, and we intend to do this by listening, learning and responding to ideas and suggestions.  

Forthspring Inter Community Group

Across the UK, communities are facing fresh challenges and opportunities and have new hopes and aspirations. We want to involve all communities in these conversations, not just those who have benefitted from National Lottery funding in the past. We want you to help us better understand what these are and how we might support communities better.  

As a community funder where have we – and where can we – make the most difference in your community? With limited resources, what should we focus on? How do you see us working – and partnering – together on the issues that really matter to you? 

How you can get involved 

We want to learn from our work we have done so far and take forward the best bits and build upon them. 

And we want you to be involved every step of the way: 

We are keen that you join us in this conversation over the coming year that will shape how we work with you and support communities into the future both in Northern Ireland and across the UK.  

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