Top tips for completing your application form

We try to make applying to us as simple and straightforward as possible. However, we do know that filling in application forms can be a daunting experience for many people.

So, we’ve developed the following tips and advice based on some of the most common mistakes people have made when applying.

What you need to do first

We can only proceed with an application if we have all the information. We regularly receive applications that don’t have all the information that we need.

So it’s really important to read through the funding programme information to make sure your project idea meets all the criteria.

Hints and tips

Double check your organisation details

  • Make sure you tell us what type of organisation you are e.g. unregistered community/voluntary organisation, charity and so on. These are legal terms and should be checked before you apply.
  • If you have a registration number make sure you have it to hand before you apply.
  • The organisation name you use on your application form must be the same as on your governing document so please check this.
  • It’s really important that organisations that apply have at least two people on their board or committee who aren’t related.  By related we mean married, in a long-term relationship, living together at the same address, or related by blood.
  • If you are a registered charity or company, the name and address of your organisation must be the same as what is registered at the Charity Commission or Companies House.

Make sure you use the right contact people.

  • The main and senior contacts must be different people and unrelated. We can’t proceed with your application if both contacts are the same person.
  • Your senior contact must be legally responsible for the application. This means that they need to ensure that the application is supported by the organisation applying, the funding will be delivered as intended and monitoring will be carried out as part of the project if we decide to fund it.
  • Make sure you give us correct and complete home addresses and dates of birth for all contacts.
  • If you are a company registered with Companies House, the senior contact also needs to be registered as a Company Director or Company Secretary.
  • If you are a registered charity, the senior contact needs to be listed as a trustee on the Charity Commission’s website.

Be sure that you attach any additional information requested with your application form

  • The bank account name must be the same as your organisation’s name as set out on your governing document.

Get a critical friend

  • Double check you answered all the questions on the form – this is your chance to tell us about the work you do to support your community. Why not get someone to act as a critical friend and read over your application, particularly the finances section?

What’s next?

If you have a great idea for a project and think you might be eligible for funding, please see our website for more information.

We are happy to chat to you about your project ideas and are available to support you at every stage, even if you are just at the initial stage of developing your project idea.

Give our team a call on 028 9055 1455 or email us at should you have any questions about applying or want to chat through your application.

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