10 Ways To Give Your Application the Best Chance of Success

We receive applications for amazing projects every day but we aren’t able to fund them all.

Sometimes application forms we receive that aren’t fully completed or have incorrect data are considered incomplete and we can’t proceed with them.

To help you out, we’ve looked at some of the most common mistakes and come up with some advice on how to avoid them.  

  1. Be sure about what type of organisation your group is.

    Are you a voluntary organisation, a charity, a company or something else? simply an unregistered community/voluntary organisation, or a charity?
  2. These are legal terms and should be double checked before applying for funding.
  3. Make sure the organisation name on your application is the same as on your governing document.
  4. Applications need to have at least two people on their board or committee who aren’t married, in a long-term relationship, living together at the same address, or related by blood.
  5. Ensure your senior contact can be legally responsible for ensuring the application is supported by the organisation applying.

    They’ll be responsible for ensuring your project is delivered  will be delivered as you say it will.
  6. The main and senior contact need to be different people and they can’t be related.
  7. It may seem obvious, but make sure to fully complete the form. If there are incomplete details like home addresses or dates of birth for your contacts, it means we can’t fund you.
  8. If you are a company registered with Companies House, the senior contact needs to be registered as a Company Director or Company Secretary.
  9. If you are a registered charity, the senior contact needs to be listed as a trustee on the Charity Commission’s website.
  10. The name and address of your organisation needs to match what is registered at the Charity Commission or Companies House.
  11. The bank account name in your application needs to be the same as your organisation’s name as set out on your governing document.

Some more top tips:

  • Don’t forget, if your application is incomplete, then it can’t be assessed.
  • Make sure you thoroughly read through the funding programme information first to make sure your project idea meets the criteria. 
  • Double check you answer all the questions in the form – this is your chance to tell us about the work you do to support your community.
  • If you have a great idea for a project and think you might be eligible for funding, get in touch with us and tell us about it.

You can give our team a call on 028 9055 1455 or email us at enquiries.ni@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk.

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