Alla Luncheon Club wins an Awards for All grant.

Alla Luncheon Club in Claudy has received a grant of £6,010 from the Awards for All programme. It is part of a Big Lottery Fund grants windfall of £769,369 to 91 groups across Northern Ireland (see  full list of awards).

Alla Luncheon Club provides creative and educational opportunities alongside a luncheon service for older people in the Claudy area. They are using the £6,010 to help combat social isolation and improve wellbeing by providing a range of activities and events.

The Luncheon club was set up to support the elderly and physically or mentally disabled adults to get involved in the community and encourage their talents to the full. The Alleviating Isolation in Alla project, funded by Awards for all, focuses on hard-to-reach older people, with activities to improve health and well being, social support and promotes independent and active lifestyles.

The club are organising activities including classes in painting, jewellery making, card making, basket weaving, flower arranging, armchair aerobics and tea dances.

“Those older people who have very active minds and bodies but feel they have no role or place in the community since their retirement, need the club the most,” said club chairperson David Slater. “We hope that as people form friendships and get used to the club, that joining in with community activities will become part of residents’ normal routine.”

“These new activities and skills will give people a sense of achievement which often gives them the confidence to go on to acquire other skills and meet more new people,” he added. “We hope it will kick-start better community life in Alla.”

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