People and Communities: Advice from the Funding Manager

People and Communities – what we’ve learned so far

By Amanda Pawar, funding manager

Launch Day: Grow

Our People and Communities programme has been open for nearly four months now, and we’re seeing some great new ideas coming through. It seems like a good time to share some of our early learning about the programme – we hope this will help you if you’re thinking of applying.

We’re finding that some projects have considered our three key themes of people-led, strengths-based and connected well – but others have more work to do in putting the people they want to work with in the lead.

It’s important that you get out into your community and ask people what matters to them. The project you develop must come from them – not what you think they need or want.

Remember too that we can offer funding of between £30,000 and £500,000 under People and Communities. However, we’re finding that more groups are understandably interested in the larger grants – but in some cases a smaller scale project might work better.

Keep in mind that the £60 million total budget for the programme works out at £12 million a year. And that means we cannot support all projects costing £500,000.  So, as well as considering the three key themes of people-led, strengths-based and connected in the development and delivery of your project, we encourage you to only ask for the level of funding you need to deliver it successfully

You might want to consider the lower level of between £30,000 and £200,000 over two to five years which can provide you with enough money to deliver a great project on a smaller scale.

The process for applying is proportionate to the amount you request, so applying for a lower amount might also get you a decision much quicker.

For more information on People and Communities, keep an eye on our website, or sign up to our e-bulletin.

Call our People and Communities phone line on 0300 123 33 31 once you have your project idea developed.  This will give you the chance to discuss this and get some feedback and support from our team.



  1. The “Goodwill Gifts” Support Group is very interested to apply to this programme, People and Communities. Since we established our support group, working to provide social one to one meeting with people who are suffering from isolation, loneliness, due to loss of their husband and/or wife, as well as organising a monthly social gatherings wilt local and ethnic members of our group, there has been a great need to develop this services locally and to include the Fermanagh and Omagh district area.

  2. Hi Rosa, thanks for sharing your project idea. Once you have it developed remember to ring our People and Communities phone line on 0300 123 33 31 to chat through it with one of the team.

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