People and Communities Events

Today we are launching our flagship funding programme ‘People and Communities’. Over the coming months & years, we’re planning to regularly host events in local communities across Northern Ireland, giving you the chance to hear a brief overview of our funding programmes and speak directly to our staff. As opposed to general information sessions, these events are aimed at groups and organisations with clear project ideas in mind, allowing them to have one-to-one conversations about their project and explore how it fits within our three key themes:

People led – this means the people you’ll be working with will be meaningfully involved in the development, design and delivery of your project.

Strengths based –  we’d like to support people and communities to build on the knowledge, skills, experience they already have to make the changes they want.

Connected – we want to know that you have a good understanding of other activities and services in your community, and show how your project will complement these.

The first few events in this series will be beginning in February 2016 in Strabane, Newry, Antrim and Lisburn, and you can find more information on our website.

However, don’t worry if you are unable to attend or we haven’t announced an event in your area, as there will be many more events being announced over the coming months and we plan to visit communities all across Northern Ireland.

For those who are attending, the conversation will be of most benefit to you if you have already developed a clear project idea which reflects the three themes outlined above.


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