A new year, and a new way of working with us

By Amanda Pawar, Funding Manager

People and Communities is our new flagship programme that will support you to work with local people to make positive changes in communities across Northern Ireland. We plan to open it in late January.

This new programme offers a great opportunity for us to work differently together.  For a start, we will open a dedicated People and Communities telephone line when the programme opens so you can talk to us about your project idea.  This telephone conversation is not an assessment of your project. It’s our way of checking you are eligible and are ready to apply to us for funding.

phone > is your idea people led, strength based, and connected? > then we'll send you an application form


During the conversation, we will ask you if you have considered our three key themes of people led, strength based and connected.

Asking these questions gives us a chance to understand what you would like to do and what you need from us. If we think your idea has potential, puts people in the lead and is something we may be able to support, we will send you a short application form.

If we feel that you need to do some work on your idea, we may offer some advice for you to consider before filling in an application.  This doesn’t mean we are saying no. This programme is open for five years so you have plenty of time to develop your project before you apply. We just want to help you in your work and ensure when and if you apply you are ready for our new ways of working.

We are also planning a series of events throughout February which you can come along to and find out more about this and our other funding programmes.  Please keep an eye out for the registration details for these events on our website and by subscribing to our e bulletin.


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