The Cedar Foundation – how they are using the Big Lottery Fund 10th Birthday grant

The Cedar Foundation supports children and adults with disabilities, and their families, throughout Northern Ireland. They received a Big Lottery Fund 10th Birthday grant of £2,000 for their Access4U project. 

They are using the grant to buy three tablet computers and software for use by children during short respite breaks. This technology is helping with their learning and playing and is increasing their communication and social skills.

Rosie McNaughton from Cedar Foundation said:

Cedar’s Outlook services deliver a lifeline to families caring for a child with complex physical healthcare needs by providing a short break.

The break brings fun and enjoyment to the child and it builds the resilience of parents and siblings by freeing up time for other things. In Cedar we know that the right piece of technology can make all the difference in the world and thanks to Big Lottery Fund’s support we have been able to pilot the use of tablet technology in our Outlook services.

We were awarded £2,000 by Big Lottery Fund to buy iPads for three staff in the south east of Northern Ireland.

Nowadays children without disability use technology for education, entertainment and to socialise. Having access to the right technology, software and apps will enable our staff to work with our children to learn, play, communicate and socialise.

Use of the tablets will have a second benefit. Against the context of the historical abuse enquiries, records are central to safeguarding vulnerable children.

They are necessary to delivering the right service in the right way. Our staff face challenges in maintaining real time records as they are not office based and do not carry files to keep our children and their personal information safe.

Our new tablets address this issue with a mobile record keeping system. Job done!


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