Cancer Lifeline – what they did with the Big Lottery Fund 10th Birthday grant

Cancer Lifeline supports people living with cancer and their loved ones. They used their 10th birthday award of £2,000 to deliver one-to-one counselling sessions to people affected by cancer in north Belfast.

People who attended the counselling gave positive feedback on their experience. They described having a sense of positivity, increased confidence, feeling emotionally stronger and better able to cope.

“I wasn’t able to function properly at first when I received my diagnosis, now I am able to get ready to go back to work.”

“I have come to accept how my life has changed, that it is ok to worry and with time things get easier. I’m so much stronger than I ever thought I would be.”

“I can now cope with everyday life and see life from a more positive angle.”

“I have accepted my husbands death and though it is not easy I now feel strong enough to face the future.”

“I am more confident and coping better.”

“I have started to write again and have started to go out again which I had not done for six years.”

When asked about a counselling service, respondents said some of the benefits were having someone to listen and ‘off-load’ to when this was not possible within a family setting, feelings of empowerment to be more proactive to manage and cope with cancer, reduced stress, relaxation and the ability to cope because of emotional support.

Feedback from members survey on the impact of Counselling Services.

A recent independent members survey was commissioned by Cancer Lifeline.  As part of this an opened ended question asked respondents to detail the benefits of counselling.  The benefits reported by respondents who have had counselling include:

  • Bereavement support and helping family / carers to come to terms with their loss
  • Emotional support and helping respondents to cope
  • Having someone to listen and with whom members can off load is a great relief and support as some respondents reported that this is not possible with family
  • Relaxation
  • Reduced stress
  • Empowerment to be more proactive in managing and coping with cancer.

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