How the Insight group are using their Awards for All grant.

By Policy and Learning Officer Joan McCrum

The Insight group based in Cookstown received an Awards for All grant of £7,617 to provide a range of social activities for its members, all of whom have sight problems. 

A programme of events held over a year has resulted in a big difference to members of the group.  Social isolation has been tackled through monthly meetings, social activities, day trips and networking events.  Transport to and from events was provided so that people from both urban and rural areas could access the group’s activities.

The group also produced a quarterly newsletter (in both large print and audio) which shared information in an accessible format and providing the local community with regular information on what Insight was doing.

“By being able to host social and networking events we have been able to bring together blind and partially sighted groups from around the province, giving them the opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences while having a great day out.  Through this we have been able to increase the fitness, confidence, skill and independence of our group members.”

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