Changing lives of isolated older people

We are delighted to announce that almost £4.5 million has been given to help transform the lives of older people here in NI who are at risk of isolation, depression, mental and physical ill health and low self esteem. 

Fourteen projects have been given awards grants from our Reaching Out: Connecting Older People programme.

Older person
14 projects in NI receive funding today

Belfast and Lisburn Women’s Aid will use their £200k grant to reach out to women in Belfast, Lisburn and Down and help them get support with recent research revealing that one in six women over the age of 60 suffers from some form of domestic abuse in NI.

Chief Executive, Patricia Lyness, said many of the women they have identified have been dealing with violence and abuse of some form or other for years.

“However due to their age and other factors they feel unable to talk about it and many believe it is too late for them to do anything to change their situation,” Patricia revealed.

“This programme will help us to get out into the communities where these women are and to offer a lifeline to them. The message is that it is never too late and everyone is entitled to live a life free from violence and fear.

“We have worked with women in their 80’s and  90’s who find their way to us and are amazed at the freedom that came with speaking out and the support which was available to help them keep safe and recover from past violence and abuse.”

Other projects awarded funding include Big Telly Theatre Company, which has been awarded £200,000 to help bring the theatre and arts through their ‘Spring Chickens’ programme to older people in rural communities many of whom have never been to the theatre before.

And Kilkeel Development Association Limited is using £200,000 to deliver the Harbour Haven Forum to target isolated older people in rural areas and offering transport and a range of activities at a warm and welcoming drop-in centre.

Visit our website to see other projects that have been funded:

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