Latest Big magazine extract: A carer for life

The latest edition of our BIG magazine is out now. It tells the stories of people across Northern Ireland whose lives have been transformed thanks to projects supported by the Big Lottery Fund. This week we’ll be featuring extracts from a  few of the moving and inspirational articles featured in the latest edition.

READ AN EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT FROM THE MAGAZINE HERE: The moving story of 85-year-old Belfast man Gerard Mulhern, who cares for his loving daughter Geraldine, who is 47 and has Down’s Sydrome. A votal local project has been awarded a major Big Lottery Fund grant to provide support for older carers like Gerard….

Down Syndrome2Love shines from Geraldine Mulhern’s eyes as she gazes at her doting dad Gerard. Geraldine, 47, from Belfast, has Down’s Syndrome and Gerard, 85, has devoted his life to caring for her.

 Gerard’s wife passed away six years ago and since then he has been his daughter’s main carer, cooking, washing, ironing and making sure she is looked after.

 “Our mummy would have been Geraldine’s main carer as men tended to take a back seat in the past,” explained Geraldine’s sister Bernadette. “But mummy passed away six years ago and Geraldine and Daddy live on their own.

 “Geraldine can get herself up and dressed. Daddy cooks and looks after the house keeping. He will check the temperature of the water before she has a shower. They are a great wee team, but it does take its toll on my daddy and he could do with a bit more support.”

Recognising the vital need to support people like Geraldine and Gerard, the Big Lottery Fund has awarded over £200,000 to the Down’s Syndrome Association to run support services that will provide respite for older carers and give older people with Down’s Syndrome the chance to make friends and try loads of new activities…..

If you would like to read more on this story order a free copy of our BIG magazine by emailing our communications team at:


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