Lisburn project providing training and jobs for young people shares in BIG funding

By Communications Manager Andrew Kennedy

We recently awarded a major grant to a project to provide trainee job positions and work skills training for isolated young people in the Lisburn area.

The Resurgam Community Development Trust Ltd  got £480,670 from our Reaching Out: Empowering Young People programme to offer work experience and training opportunities for local young people who are not involved in education, employment or training (NEET) and are involved in, or at risk of getting involved in, anti-social behaviour and crime.

A trainee fixes electrics
Young people will gain work experience and qualificiations

The project will offer 12 trainee positions, lasting two to three years each, for young people at six social enterprise businesses in the local area where they will be able to gain work experience and complete NVQ qualifications.

It will also run 12-week programmes where young people can take part in work placements and taster sessions jobs such as plumbing and bricklaying and skills like food hygiene and hospitality.

“Many young people in Lisburn are leaving school with no qualifications or chance of getting a job. This can mean they lose purpose and motivation in their lives and just end up hanging about on the streets and getting involved in anti-social behaviour and potentially even criminal activity,” said chairman Philip Dean.

“The recession is making it harder than ever for young people to find employment. We’ll be working with the most isolated young people who are coming to school leaving age with no prospects for jobs and those who have left school but are doing nothing with themselves. 

“Our aim is to give them the chance to get work experience as trainees in social enterprises where they can learn new skills and gain NVQ qualifications.”

“One of our social enterprise companies, Lisburn Community Self Build, already offers trainee opportunities, teaching the young people not only building skills, but how to commit to something, how to get up in the morning and go out and do a day’s work.

“The trainee positions and the other training and work placements we offer will instil a work ethos in these young people. During a period of recession we will help them gain skills and qualifications to boost their chances of finding work, keep them out of trouble with the police, and raise their self esteem and confidence.”

Matthew Walker, 25, has been with Lisburn Community Self Build since he was 16. “I left school with no GCSEs and was just hanging around the house and the streets,” he said. “It was great to get the job and just to get out there and get a few quid.  I won the trainee of the year award and that was great. It’s more than just a job, Self Build is working in the community and I’m able to give something back.”

To find out more about the  most recent project awarded funding from our Reaching Out: Empowering Young  People programme visit:

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