Armagh samba band project celebrates Culture for All grant

An Armagh project to teach young people the rhythms of samba music during the UK City of Culture year is one of the first groups sharing  in funding from our new Culture for All programme.

Young people from Mullacreevie Development Association celebrate getting their grant from the new Culture for All programme

Mullacreevie Development Association is one of 19 groups across Northern Ireland awarded grants totalling over £141,000 from the Big Lottery Fund and Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Culture for All programme (See table attached for projects awarded funding in your local area).

Among the projects awarded funding from the first announcement are an amateur music concert during a rare blue moon night in Derry~Londonderry, a drama performance teaching Coleraine young people about the town’s culture and its links to Derry~Londonderry, and a project giving isolated young people in Co. L/Derry the chance to take part in arts activities.

Culture for All is a small grants programme offering grants of up to £10,000 to communities across Northern Ireland that want to play a part in the UK City of Culture celebrations in 2013.

Community organisations can apply for funding to run arts and culture projects and activities that link in with the historic event, encourage talent and improve the lives of people in communities.

Mullacrevie Development Association is using £4,000 to set up a community street samba band involving young people from Armagh. As well as taking part in Armagh events, the group also plans to travel to Derry~Londonderry to get involved in the UK City of Culture celebrations in 2013.

“Young people love music and samba, from Brazil, is one of the most colourful and vibrant there is,” said Chairperson Roy McCartney. “This is a way of getting them involved in something different, encouraging them work as a team and opening them up to new music and arts and linking that with the UK City of Culture.”

“Like any estate there is some low level anti-social behaviour in Mullacreevie. The young people probably just think of it as having fun, but it can be intimidating for older residents who see them standing around or wandering the streets after dark.

“This project is about getting young people involved in something that really captures their imagination. As well as drums, we’ll be using instruments like tambourines, cowbells and whistle. We can’t wait to get the music started.”

Find out who else got funding from the Culture for All programme and how to apply for funding by visiting our website:

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