Community spirit is alive and well across the UK, according to a new survey for The National Lottery Good Causes.

 The survey reveals that many of us are already good neighbours:

  • People in Northern Ireland are the friendliest with the ratio of residents claiming to frequently smile and say hello to people in the street more than double that in London or the south east (46% Northern Ireland, 23% south east, 20% London).


  • 65 % of adults in Northern Ireland have run an errand or done a chore for someone outside of their immediate family in the last month. (UKavg, 55%)


One such good cause, making the most of funding from the Big Lottery Fund is Crossroads Caring for Carers (NI). The project is using a grant of £500,000 from our Reaching Out: Connecting Older People programme to provide carers with a much-needed break whilst providing peace of mind that their loved one is well taken care of by a Crossroads care attendant. 

Chief Executive Christine Best is delighted with the survey results. “It comes as no surprise that Northern Ireland folk are the friendliest in the UK,” she said. “We rely heavily on volunteers to enable carers to take a break, knowing their loved ones are being looked after by a friendly face.

“Crossroads recently launched a new project called ‘In Your Prime’ funded by the Big Lottery Fund which uses volunteers who are trained to help with transport to shops and hospital appointments, a regular telephone call and of course, friendship visits. 

“Our volunteers are of a mix of ages but we also benefit greatly from those who are retired or ex-carers and can particularly befriend older people who are dealing with issues such as poor health or the loss of a loved one or loneliness.  Friendliness does come naturally to us in Northern Ireland and we’d be delighted here at Crossroads to welcome more volunteers to give a small amount of time to share that gift.”

For more information go to or to become a volunteer for Crossroads, click

For more details and the full survey results, please contact Joan Grenville at The National Lottery Good Causes on 07808 138525

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