Sharing and discussion of knowledge and learning were top of the agenda last week  when we held a networking event in Lisburn for projects funded through our Safe and Well and Live and Live programmes.

 We have invested more than £34 million in both programmes supporting 35 projects across Northern Ireland to boost the learning and health of people and promote well being and tackle health and safety issues.

 The event gave the projects, most of which have now reached the half way stage of their funding, the chance to share knowledge and learning, find out about how their partnerships have worked and discuss their main achievements and challenges ahead.

Professor Deirdre Heenan, Provost of University of Ulster’s Magee gave a keynote speech on the challenges for the voluntary and community sector.

 Workshops on the day included sessions on ‘Partnership Working’ hosted by the Action on Hearing Loss, and ‘The Challenges of Achieving Outcomes’ led by Leonard Cheshire. 

 A number of the projects also used Twitter to raise some of the issues and discussed on the day, with comments including:

“Project outcomes need to by dynamic and current….to ensure we are making a difference”

 “Reaching the most isolated and hardest to reach takes time so five years funding from BIG is fantastic”

“Our project would not have the same impact without partnership”

 “The best evaluation tells you what doesn’t work as we as what works”

 Feedback from projects who attended was very positive, with one person saying it was a “valuable networking opportunity” and “a useful reminder regarding the importance of the evaluation process,” while  another project also described the event as “a worthwhile time out to review the stage projects have reached.”

Have a listen to these podcasts from some of the projects who attended the event highlighting their key achievements of their projects to date and what they think are the challenges that lie ahead:

Workers Educational Association

Include Youth

Strabane & Lifford

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